The Brand

meet the designer

Maranatha “Mara” Novembre

Born in Haiti

I have always been passionate about fashion, but the clothes on the racks were not enough. From the time I was a teenager and onward, I would imagine pieces of clothing and envision unique outfits that I wanted to wear, but couldn’t find in stores. Only years later is it clear that these imaginations were the beginnings of my point of view, my God-given purpose, manifesting in my mind before I ever touched a sewing machine.  
 Those imaginations quickly turned into making special pieces for myself to wear: statement pieces that were fresh and alluring. These garments garnered attention wherever I went, and I realized there was a market for my passion and vision. Left and right as women complimented my designs, it became clear that these women also wanted to express themselves through fashion; these were women who didn’t want to fit in, but who dared to be different through style. 

 I like my clothes to speak for me when I walk in a room. In fact, every single piece I’ve designed and worn has been a conversation starter. I have met and designed for people across the world by wearing Allure Novembre while I travel. I design with my heart and every garment I make is a product of love and precision. I only release pieces that I wholeheartedly adore and wear proudly. 
 Since founding Allure Novembre ten years ago, despite immense growth and evolution, its vision has stayed the same. I design to empower women, to promote self love and sophistication through luxury, one-of-a-kind style. Allure Novembre isn’t about fleeting trends, but meant to inspire and elevate women through unique and timeless fashion. 
 Allure Novembre is for every woman, no matter shape, color, or size. I believe that fashion, and Allure Novembre, is one avenue to outwardly express a woman’s inner beauty. My hope is that Allure Novembre illuminates that inner elegance, confidence, poise, and boldness. It is for women who dare to speak loudly and to make a statement anytime they enter a room.